Click to pre-save and hear the song now!

Click to pre-save and hear the song now!

"Western Sky" - out March 21

Making music in the middle of nowhere can be the most rewarding and simultaneously the most frustrating endeavour in the music business. Luckily we have great supporters which makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for visiting, we're just gonna go write some more tunes!

One Proud Monkey

One Proud Monkey

Mini album? Double EP? Who even knows anymore - what we're sure of is that we had a great time writing these songs and they're finally getting released... on the 5th anniversary of our first gig even! Stick the headphones on and hit play!
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Has it been that long? 

Hmmm, seems it has been a long winter in OPM land. When I saw the last blog post date as May 2018 it surprised me a little - but then again we've been doing other things. I won't make you read through a list of those things 'cause most of them are, well, boring.

We wrote a Christmas song... but that's probably best left for Christmas 2019 now.

But we also finally recorded what I humbly believe to be the best thing we've made.

It's called "Western Sky" - it's out March 21, but you can hear it now(ish) by…

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