We have a new record out!

5 years ago, on December 18, 2012 - we played our first gig. It went well enough to play another... and so we've continued on for another thirty-something shows. And now, a self-titled album, with songs we're excited about and special guests to who've lent us their considerable skill. Sit back and turn it up!

One Proud Monkey

One Proud Monkey

Mini album? Double EP? Who even knows anymore - what we're sure of is that we had a great time writing these songs and they're finally getting released... on the 5th anniversary of our first gig even! Stick the headphones on and hit play!
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Under Western Skies: Broken Hill (Show #5) 

Ah holidays! Aren’t they the best. You’re all stuck in your cars on the way to work in the city at 5kmph (or stuck behind a caravan on a country road doing 75kmph - I can assure you, both are on the same level of frustration) 

Me? I’m driving 3200km by myself to play some music to people who’ve never heard of my band. 

Granted it’s probably not the thought most of you conjured up when I first mentioned holidays but anyway, I shall get on with this postcard’s prose. 
I was so excited I couldn’t sleep, the last…

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The Second EP

One Proud Monkey

The Second EP (which is confusingly the first EP with the whole band) came together in a jam space above an office space, how inspired! With a little more experience under their belt the band set to push a few boundaries by experimenting with both heavier sounds and more conventional arrangements. Local TV theme song Rainy Day is the most performed song in the band's catalogue, they'll write something catchier one day though... maybe...
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