2300 Days

Our first gig was at the Monkey Bar in Dubbo, fittingly enough. It was 2,300 days ago. That feels like a while. 

We played five songs - Never Let Me Down; Easy Song; Streets and Lanes; Democratik and The Lorne Song. 

Only one of these - "The Lorne Song" would go on to be a stelist staple over the years (if you class 21 times in 6 years as a staple - basically it was played at half of the shows we ever played. 

Somehow it struck a chord with people, which amuses me because it's not really like the sort of stuff we consider we write (or maybe it is and we don't know it). I was going for a Josh Pyke / Counting Crows vibe, did I pull it off? I don't know... 

You may notice though that you can't actually find the song online, it was released on our "First LP" but as we learned more we started to cringe, because the techniques we'd started to develop, especially for recording, were absent on the first release and in this online world you can bet if there's something out there you don't want people to find, it'll get found. 

We might get around to re-recording it, we might even play another gig soon, who knows? It has been a while. 

Thanks for all the love for "Western Sky" - it's encouraging that after 2,300 days you still want to hear our music. Maybe we'll get together and make more soon. 


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