A Positive Post

I’ve been thinking about this idea of themes for a while. Without a theme an album is just a bunch of songs that were recorded at the same time, right? 

And if that’s the case, why bother even releasing them together - put ‘em out one at a time to satisfy the voracious attitude of the modern day music consumer, ‘cause, as we’ve come to realise, if you’re not out there every now and then giving people evidence that you’re still around, the worst is assumed. 

This is simply a by-product of our flicking, scrolling, “15 seconds is waaaay too long for a video” culture… I’m guilty of partaking of course and I certainly can’t turn back the tidal wave alone… 

Funnily enough, it’s this that kind of ties things together - lately, from my songwriting and lyric writing I’ve been expecting more connection. I want to write things that make people feel something and identify, truthfully I think we all want to feel we’re not the only ones who feel a certain way. 

The theme of connecting and wanting more, exploring, pushing the conversation… in a roundabout way, I found my theme. 

From Frozen Bones, where I was trying to get that winter feeling across to Don Draper, about wanting more from our “leaders”. 

And in the next bunch of songs? Well they’re coming soon and of course we’ll share them with you first but I can safely say they fit the theme too, albeit loosely, but enough for me to happily call it an album… One Proud Monkey’s second… and if nothing else that’s something to be happy with in itself. 

If you’ve been following us on instagram @one_proud_monkey or me on twitter @clintonhoymusic you may have caught the odd mention of our upcoming gig in Mudgee. Turns out it’ll be our 30th gig, another thing to be happy about - be great to see you there! 


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