After The Future

Keep an eye on your inboxes in the next few weeks, we’ve got the first of our new tracks back from the mixmaster and we’ll be sharing it with you all first… very soon! 

The song is “After The Future” and it had quite an evolution – the title came from an essay by Professor Tim Flannery and the subject matter started out being inspired by that piece of writing but then things changed… and to be honest the lyrics were actually written for another song that didn’t quite get off the ground (maybe it’ll come out on a b-side one day?) and then, needing a song to get the people dancing the funky chords that would make this song came along one night. 

When Tim found out that the lyrics were basically about the destruction of the planet and extinction of the species he wondered aloud if that was such a good match for a feel good dance song and, I confess, now I’m writing this down I have to admit that he was probably right. So I changed the lyrics and I’m glad I did, ‘cause I like the new ones way better… 

But because I’m a statistics geek from way back and I’d already done the admin on entering our setlist data I just couldn’t bring myself to change the title of the song – so we have “After The Future”, a song where that phrase doesn’t really occur and doesn’t have any of the original lyrics – but it’s still a cool song (we'll add it soon to the tracks on the BandCamp page and then everywhere else no doubt) and I can’t wait for you to hear it.



Now in the future 

When we all have chips under our skin 

So we don’t need the keys to get in 

And we all run around 

Like protons doing laps of the Hadron Collider 

You need to take a deep breath and walk around outside 

Slow down 

Get a song in your head and sing it out loud like there’s no one around 

And in the future 

While the car drives itself and you do work in the back seat 

Still you feel incomplete 

Now in the future 

When all we consume consists of zeros and ones 

Remember that going offline can be done 

Slow down 

Get a song in your head and sing it out loud like there’s no one around 

Apply the brakes 

Remember when we stayed up all night picking songs that we like for our mix tapes

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