Important thanks, memories and more shows!


Follow us on Spotify and we'll unlock the gate on the, er, intimate video of our 5th Birthday Show (there are other options if you're not a Spotifyer...)

7 more shows! Tell your friends!! (especially if they live in Coonabarabran, Coonamble, Armatree, Nyngan, Broken Hill, Bourke or Lightning Ridge!)

Thanks and appreciation

Everyone knows that you can't have a party without some pretty dedicated people behind the scenes. We need to publicly call out a few incredible humans (whether they want us to or not) 

Fred Randell - loader in and setter up of much of the sound gear, troubleshooter, dancer, singer along and provider of great songs for cover versions, you sir are a legend and an absolute asset to Dubbo's live original music scene. 

Scott Feringa - we threw you in on an unfamiliar desk with lots of buttons and flashing lights and threw all kinds of requests at you, additional performances, stage requests, mixing in a new room you handled it like a pro. 

Laura Kelly - managing the chaos of the door at a rock & roll show like a seasoned merch desk master. Bringing order to a Saturday night crowd with patience is no easy task but you made it look that way. 

Morgan Williams - working the room with lens in hand, we can't pretend we weren't playing up the angles occasionally but hopefully we gave you something to work with! Your enthusiasm for shooting live music is infectious 

Daniel Rutter - often seen behind a camera of one type or another, your support of original music in the area is very much appreciated, your doco work and filmclips do a great job of showing just how much talent there is in this town. 

Robert Holmes - 4 year fan club veteran, Amy Mines - dancefloor leader, Brandon Troutman - another fan club supporter, songwriting genius and unofficial king sharer of One Proud Monkey posts... 

And all of you, singing, dancing, sitting, wishing you knew the words, beautiful people who ventured out to see a bunch of old guys who think they're still young guys make some noise and call it music. From the bottom of our Monkey hearts - thank you

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