Last night

Spent last night in the studio, follow the One Proud Monkey Instagram account and you’ll get all the behind the scenes you can handle… probably… you’ll hear a few snippets of new songs there too 

Time flies in that place, press record a few times and knock out a few riffs and solos and all of a sudden it’s almost tomorrow… 

My memory is getting worse but lucky for me I have places like setlist fm where I stash all my useless information and it tells me that we first played the song Judgement Day on October 22, 2016 – 202 days ago. And I’m pretty sure that we must have practised it a few times before (although it may not have sounded like it on the night…) so the journey from idea to recorded song can be a long one. 

I’ve certainly been guilty in the past of spending way too long getting around to recording something and then somehow putting it out before it’s ready – but it’s all a learning process right? 

We’re gonna try something different on the next record and put down a few tracks that we haven’t performed live – get in front of the curve a bit, and I think that’ll make for exciting times. 

Thanks for joining us! 

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Oh, and we're playing a gig next month too - in Mudgee... tell everyone you know!

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