Scratch Tracks

We put out a couple of songs in the last few months but tonight the time came to get to starting to get to the rest... Some great feedback from the past few gigs on a bunch of new songs and we're gonna record and hopefully have an album at the end of the process. 

Why? Well even though no one buys albums (apparently) it's still kinda cool to make one - it's even better if people you like are involved in the process, so you should come back here and follow the updates as we get really stuck into it. 

Anyway, with Frozen Bones and Don Draper already released we're moving on to some live favourites (of ours and hopefully yours) Judgement Day, Olden Days, Little Tree, Magpie and After The Future (that's the funky dance one) and that's just the start... 

More soon! 


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