Studio flashback

I always wanted to write songs, I didn't know how or who I needed to help me but it always seemed like a cool thing to do. I was always flipping through liner notes looking for songwriting credits, reading lyrics... always interested in how chords fit together... it's hard to explain the feeling that putting a song together and knowing that maybe it, just maybe, it's gonna come out alright - hopefully you understand because there's something that does the same for you...

One Proud Monkey was never supposed to be a band, it was just me, sometimes playing songs at open mic nights and sometimes just sitting there watching 'cause I was too scared to give it a shot. The funny thing though was I could always hear other parts to the songs in my head... drum breaks, guitar solos... even string sections and horn arrangements...

I did a live recording once and when I heard it back I was awakened to the reality that those sounds were only in my head, it was kinda like what the people hear outside the karaoke booth while Tenacious D are inside playing the "best song in the world" (look it up... it's worth it)

I still probably can't accurately describe how the band came together, I know there weren't any tear off tags on posters listing influences I'd put there just to make me look cool (tried that a few times with spectacular levels of non-success), our bass player Tim was the catalyst but I can't recall our first conversation but somehow, slowly, we ended up standing in the same room writing songs, just like I always wanted... sometimes it's good to just take stock of how fortunate you are if you can say that... anyway, this is really just the long preamble to me saying I wanted to share a video with you from almost two and a half years ago when we were recording drums for "The Second EP" - for your viewing pleasure!



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