Under Western Skies: Armatree (Show #3)

Many people would say don’t rely on Apple Maps anyway but whatever, I’m a bit of a fan boy (this is my opinion only, definitely not shared by the rest of the band - for the record) but anyway... 

What I can safely say is that you should remember, unlike me, that Apple Maps requires mobile service to work and if your tour date is in a place with no mobile reception and you haven’t previously worked out where you’re going there may be a problem. 

So as deep and meaningful conversation between myself and opm drummer Dave turned into, “is this the turnoff? I’m sure it’s here somewhere” an unwelcome feeling of apprehension crept in - if we can’t find the venue, would the audience? Would we be playing in the middle of nowhere to no one? 

I feel like I need to contextualise this - we were heading for Armatree, which the census qualifies as a “suburb” of regional NSW. Busby Marou played at this same pub 6 months earlier and had a crowd in the multiple hundreds. 

Perhaps that’s not so impressive to you folk who are used to taking the stage at Wembley but when I point out that Armatree’s population is also in the multiple hundreds (284, officially) that makes a great pub crowd even more impressive. Especially when there’s no local paper, no local radio and we’re not playing songs that anyone knows. 

I counted roughly 50 people, which is pretty good for a Friday night, 1/6 of the population of the “suburb” - if that happened in Sydney you’d be playing to a crowd of 500,000, so I’m calling success. 

Another thing I learned is to make sure you look at your set list before dedicating a song. My “thanks for coming, thanks for supporting original music in regional Australia” spiel confused more than a few people (as well as the rest of the band) when I started singing the chorus of our song Don Draper (“You’re making me maaaaad maaaan”) but at least it gave me room for a semi-humorous mea culpa. It wouldn’t be the last time I made that mistake... 

Thanks to Simon Allen & The Unpaid Millions as well as The Exchange for supporting us. Simon even had people asking to pose for photos with him after the gig. Maybe he needs a lesson in not stealing the limelight... totes jokes... we’re more than happy to ride their coat tails :)

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