What a disaster!

Well it’s not the end of the world but we learned a valuable lesson last week. The campaign that we bugged you with for weeks before the release of “Western Sky” went live Friday morning… sadly, we were provided the wrong link so you all got some song by a band you’ve never heard of saved into your libraries. 

How U2.

The big problem here is that we weren’t able to check the link before release day which brings the nerves (more so now) and really makes it unlikely that we’ll ever try something like that again. 

Sad, because this industry moves so fast and people are consuming so much music in passing that trying to even get the attention of an audience is hard at the best of times, harder still when the flashy new promo tools don’t work. 

Guess we’ll have to rely on good old word of mouth – if you like the song, perhaps you’d share it with a friend? 

We’d really appreciate that.

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