Writing for the world 

Did you ever listen to Linkin Park? Do you still? I only ask because I've been watching the controversy unfold recently about them teaming up with so called "pop" songwriters to work on their new album. In the interviews the band have spoken about wanting to explore new territories and thought bringing in songwriters from outside the band would do this - sounds like a good creative decision... develop, grow, expand, learn, get better etc. Apparently not if you look at the reviews, they've been accused of everything from selling out (I don't think this is even a thing anymore) to simply becoming terrible (which I honestly doubt is the aim of any band, ever... except for those "hobo metal" bands someone showed me a few years back but that's something else entirely) 

Clearly, Linkin Park have made a choice for themselves, which should be okay - right? Don't we all get into this to write songs we like? And if not, who are we actually writing for? 

Dallas and I sat before last night's recording session listening to the variety of music that has been recorded in Mioan Studios over the years, stories about people who came in and just wanted to record the song they wrote... but some people want more... and I'd include myself in that. 

But here's the thing, and it came up as Tim and I were discussing the audience for our next record, I want people to hear our songs and I want people to like them but I also want to like them, so am I writing songs for me or for people like me or just for the world. Putting a song out these days is like pouring a bottle of water into the ocean, so if you want people to hear it it has to be purposeful... and everywhere... 

Luckily we don't have the inclination (or time really, but mainly the inclination) to be a calculated methodical pop music writing machine so we're just going to write what we like and hope that you like it too. Last night's session was great - you can see a couple of pics and maybe hear a little bit if you follow us on Instagram... hope you like it!

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