You Can’t Stop Progress

One of the best surprises you can get in the studio is to open something you’ve been working on to find that not only is it more complete than you thought, but that it sounds better than you remember. 

Fortunately that was us at tonight’s studio session, fearful that we’d be back at square one - ‘cause we’ve been playing these songs so much surely they’ve changed and need to be redone… but not so much. Like I say, nice surprise. 

And it means you can put your energy into other ideas, adding an acoustic guitar here, dreaming of an organ line or a horn section (dreaming of winning Powerball so we can afford all the dreams!) - all exciting though… especially the way the song “Magpie” came out sounding, that’ll be fun to share when it’s time. 

Another great thing was having a good mate in the studio tonight. Recording takes and in between just talking about your favourite music… as a band we’ve always been fortunate to have the support of our friends - the ones who turned up way before we deserved it, before we’d learned exactly what One Proud Monkey was going to be… honestly we probably still don’t know but everyone of you who decides to spend your time turning up for us should know that we appreciate it… thanks everyone - we’ll have some new music for you soon, hope you’re as excited as we are. 


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