10 Ways To Support Your Local Bands

I know you know people who make music, some of it you may even like! You probably see your social media feed flooded with “click this”, “download this” or “vote for this” (One Proud Monkey followers are probably still scarred 4 years later from that one… sorry… we are too if it’s any consolation) 

Now you may well be thinking, “I really like a local band but I don’t know how to support them” and if that’s the case don’t I have some excellent news for you. The best of which is that this not a scurrilous plot to separate you from your tax return (despite the timing) and sometimes it’s spending time doing something rather than money that helps most. Now some of these will be obvious but others not so, anyway, without further digression, I present. 

10 Ways You Can Help Your Local Bands 

Go to a show (and bring a friend) 

Start with the bleeding obvious sure but by simply bringing one person to a local show and introducing them to your favourite local acts you’re doing everyone a service - and hopefully the band respects this enough for it to be the start of something beautiful 

Like and follow (but also comment and share) 

In this crazy social media world of algorithms and advertisements, a like is a nice ego boost, but a comment or a share brings attention to an artist’s post. Engagement is the buzzword but really just knowing people are listening is a great feeling 

Buy Merch (and wear it!) 

That new t-shirt makes a great conversation starter, except if it’s still in the cupboard. 

Follow them on streaming services (and add them to your playlists) 

A Spotify play might only equate to $0.004 in royalties or whatever but it’s about the bigger picture. Streaming is the new radio, it’s how music gets spread. And you’ll get tipped off when there’s new music. 

Look for band run sites (or at least closely affiliated ones!) 

This is not meant to contradict the above idea but following and financially supporting a band through their own site or a place like BandCamp means that all (or most) of what you pay goes straight to the band. 

Sign up to email lists (and open the emails) 

Again, Facebook et al are good for what they are, but not everything gets to everyone. You can support a band if you don’t know what they’re doing! 

Write a review 

Have you considered posting a review of your own on your own blog/social media page? It might feel silly at first but in my experience it’s a fun thing to do regardless. Most people like sharing their opinion and talking about themselves :) 

Host a gig 

Organise a show at your local pub, or coffee shop or music shop or even in your own home. House concerts are awesome and you’ll rarely get that kind of intimacy in a public venue. What better way to support a local band than having them play in your lounge room to 30 of your music loving mates. 

Help with the set up or pack up 

This will not only earn you the long standing respect of bands but you’ll probably get a freebie out of it! This is absolute legend status. It also means we can join you at the bar before you have to go home. 

Learn their songs 

Nothing sucks the energy from a performance like the person who turns up at an original show and yells out requests for crusty old covers. I guarantee if you request one of their songs they’ll give you the performance of their life and a sing-a-long will only magnify that… it’s a decent ego boost too…


If there's anything else you think would help, comment on the blog or send us an email!

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