The Numbers Don't Lie

You know what one of my favourite parts about playing gigs is? The answer is something I imagine you won’t find uttered by many bands – the statistics! 

My family will testify that I’ve been a stats person for most of my life, annoyingly so, since the first time I tried to recreate Channel 9s cricket graphs on my Dad’s work computer. 

Thing is, they tell a story that if you get into them can be really interesting. I often look at our streaming reports and see that people are listening all over the world and that’s really cool and if I’m checking the BandCamp stats it says that the most listened to songs aren’t the ones we always expect. 

But the one I like most, for my band and others, is the live performance stuff – setlists, I can’t get enough of, what songs were played where on what date, how many times a certain song has been played… 

There’s a definite benefit in this for original musicians – when it comes time to tell the Australian Performing Rights Association about your live performances so you can collect your royalties for instance (don’t know about this? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help!) 

I put our setlists on as much for myself as anyone else and as I was putting together our set for Mudgee next weekend a few things stood out. We’ll be playing two songs we haven’t played live for 450 days, and by the time we take the stage next weekend it’ll be 1200 days since the live debut of another one of the songs, the newest one is only 230 days old, so it’s a baby comparatively. 

I don’t know what these numbers mean to you, but one thing that stands out to me is that it’s been almost 5 years since we kicked this One Proud Monkey thing off. 29 gigs, 4 releases, 26 songs played live plus a new album coming this year, it’s been a blast and it’s getting better. I hope you like what we’ve been able to share with you so far, ‘cause there’s more where that came from! 

See you at a gig soon! 


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