This One Time On BandCamp

5 years, 10 months, 13 days ago I uploaded some songs to - in this digital era that seems like a long time ago. I've always liked the BandCamp philosophy (especially liking that their commission is not in the iTunes stratosphere!) and have probably had more comments and support through the community there than anywhere else on this magical music journey. On the verge of us adding a whole new bunch of music there I got to wondering about our play stats and how people have enjoyed the music... so without further ado... your One Proud Monkey Top 10 since that first download went up!

  1. The Lorne Song

  2. Frozen Bones

  3. The Boatman

  4. In The Morning

  5. Rainy Day

  6. Easy Song

  7. Jimmy Superfly

  8. Never Let Me Down

  9. El Gringo

  10. Streets and Lanes

I have to admit some of these surprised me but we appreciate anyone who wants to listen to our tunes!

While you're on the site you should check out some of the bands we've played with over the years that have their own tunes there - MannequinGodfrey Turner OverdriveCivil Hands and Bobby Shades - if you've got things of your own up there let us know and we'll add them to our recommended releases

If you'd like an early taste of our new songs, plus some live tracks and BandCamp only releases while supporting us at the same time check out The Tribe which is the one, only and official One Proud Monkey Fan Club (that we know of...)


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