Under Western Skies: Nyngan (Show #4)

Gig days are always fun, except when they are potentially not the most fun thing on that day. We’d known for a while that Dubbo was going to have a beer festival (with live music!) on the same day as our Nyngan gig. You know that certain kind of paranoia that all the cool stuff happens when you’re not around? Yeah I had a case of that. 

I had a foolproof plan to try 2 nice craft beers before heading off - which was blown up by the first sample I was given when the brewer says to me, seeing the satisfied look on my post sip face, “you like that? Doesn’t taste like it’s 13% alcohol does it?” 

Dejected, and potentially over the limit from one mouthful of hard lemonade I waited. If there hadn’t been a giant game of Connect 4 who knows what I would have done. 

...but I know you clicked this link to hear all about Nyngan so here we go... 

As one of the early supporters of this idea I was keen to give Nyngan a great show but I have to admit a level of trepidation at playing at a Golf Club. Not the most common bedfellows Golf and Rock & Roll. 

After easing audiences into our sets earlier in the tour, we adopted what we’ve titled the “Punch Nyngan in the face” setlist not with any ill will of course, simply that we’d come out of the gates with our loudest, rockingest songs (that they don’t know)... I mentioned this was akin to punching someone in the face upon first meeting them... my fears however were dismissed with a hearty chorus from the other band members of “well let’s punch Nyngan in the face!” 

You know what else helped? 200 people turning up with rock & roll in mind - as Eraser kicked things off my fears disappeared. These were the nights I had in mind when this tour was proposed, and would be hard to top. Playing outside, under a western sky. 

By the time the guttural riffs of Mannequin had drifted off into the night the high was well and truly established. 

One guy said he felt the bass rumble at his house and was drawn to walk the 6 blocks to the venue, another, effusive in his praise said that it was so good he bought a CD - and he doesn’t even have a CD player... can every gig be like this please?

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