Your Special Invitation

Hi, yes we've been quiet... guess that's the way of things sometimes - figured it'd be better to say nothing than make up stories or vaguely post about goings on.

But, now, things are happening! We are putting on this and you are invited!

What is this? This is a little gig to recognise that we've One Proud Monkeying for 5 years - can you believe it?

And we want to look after those who've been there for us (that's you guys in case you're wondering) - so blog readers and newsletter subscribers, you're getting first access.

There are a limited amount of earlybird tickets here - in fact there are a limited number of tickets anyway, we wanted to keep it nice and intimate to share the experience in a cool way. 

More announcements to come!

Thanks for the support!

Clint, Dallas, Dave and Tim

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