Has it been that long?

Hmmm, seems it has been a long winter in OPM land. When I saw the last blog post date as May 2018 it surprised me a little - but then again we've been doing other things. I won't make you…

Under Western Skies: Broken Hill (Show #5)

Ah holidays! Aren’t they the best. You’re all stuck in your cars on the way to work in the city at 5kmph (or stuck behind a caravan on a country road doing 75kmph - I can assure you, both are…

Under Western Skies: Nyngan (Show #4)

Gig days are always fun, except when they are potentially not the most fun thing on that day. We’d known for a while that Dubbo was going to have a beer festival (with live music!) on the same day as…

Under Western Skies: Armatree (Show #3)

Many people would say don’t rely on Apple Maps anyway but whatever, I’m a bit of a fan boy (this is my opinion only, definitely not shared by the rest of the band - for the record) but anyway... 


Under Western Skies: Coonamble (Show #2)

There was a fear that my skills in logistics and timetabling had let me down again (honestly they are not skills that I sharpen with any regularity) when I got a call a few weeks out from the Coonamble gig. 


Under Western Skies: Coonabarabran (Show #1)

As I was flying into Dubbo that Friday afternoon, content in the knowledge that I had completely avoided the responsibility of packing the tour van (I do have a little bit of lead singer disease after all) it struck me…


Lyrics for One Proud Monkey

Put the record on and singalong!


I don’t really like 6 o'clock in the morning 

When words turn to fog in my mouth 

I’m looking out the window at the frost on the…


20 Tickets

Surely we've banged on about our 5th Birthday Party enough for you to know that it's happening in Dubbo on February 10. And we've told you about the immense talent of our support acts Richard Perso and Turn On The…


The Learning Curve (Part 2)

“We do things differently out here” - unnamed publican, 2018  

The above statement could have been attributed to Captain Obvious as well but it is a sage piece of advice. The band was recently fortunate enough to get a…


Talking To Our Friends (Part 1)

It feels like Dubbo has had a great year with music, we're feeling as optimistic as any time in our time as a band - but it's not something you can do alone, so I wanted to talk to some…


Well Isn't That Exciting?

Oh man... always check your spam folder, that's what I have learned. If I didn't (as I was in the throes of deleting everything I could see) I wouldn't have come across an email from MusicNSW that read in part: