5 Years

5 years is a long time. 5 years is longer than I've been in any one job. It took me less time to complete a uni degree. Lessons I learned in the first 5 years living out of home were huge…


Your Special Invitation

Hi, yes we've been quiet... guess that's the way of things sometimes - figured it'd be better to say nothing than make up stories or vaguely post about goings on.

But, now, things are happening! We are putting on…


10 Ways To Support Your Local Bands

I know you know people who make music, some of it you may even like! You probably see your social media feed flooded with “click this”, “download this” or “vote for this” (One Proud Monkey followers are probably still scarred…


This One Time On BandCamp

5 years, 10 months, 13 days ago I uploaded some songs to - in this digital era that seems like a long time ago. I've always liked the BandCamp philosophy (especially liking that their commission is not in the…


More New Music

The mixes for the new record came back this week - very hard to not just throw all the songs out and share 'em straight away but there's something bigger in the works here... but we can't keep it all…


Musical Memory

Listening to an interesting discussion on ABC local radio the other day (quiet now, I did just turn 39, I'm allowed to) they were talking about how we remember things. 

Many people will attest I have a shocking memory…


A Positive Post

I’ve been thinking about this idea of themes for a while. Without a theme an album is just a bunch of songs that were recorded at the same time, right? 

And if that’s the case, why bother even releasing…


The Numbers Don't Lie

You know what one of my favourite parts about playing gigs is? The answer is something I imagine you won’t find uttered by many bands – the statistics! 

My family will testify that I’ve been a stats person for…


After The Future

Keep an eye on your inboxes in the next few weeks, we’ve got the first of our new tracks back from the mixmaster and we’ll be sharing it with you all first… very soon! 

The song is “After The…


Old Cars

Band rehearsal is like an old car, sometimes it’s really comfortable and you dream about how it can take you just about anywhere. 

And sometimes you can’t get it to start, and you just want to get in another…


Chris Cornell

I was on my way to the studio tonight when a good friend sent me a text. I though it was a hoax. I hoped it was... but it wasn't.

Chris Cornell and his music had an immense impact…