A Positive Post

I’ve been thinking about this idea of themes for a while. Without a theme an album is just a bunch of songs that were recorded at the same time, right? 

And if that’s the case, why bother even releasing…


The Numbers Don't Lie

You know what one of my favourite parts about playing gigs is? The answer is something I imagine you won’t find uttered by many bands – the statistics! 

My family will testify that I’ve been a stats person for…


After The Future

Keep an eye on your inboxes in the next few weeks, we’ve got the first of our new tracks back from the mixmaster and we’ll be sharing it with you all first… very soon! 

The song is “After The…


Old Cars

Band rehearsal is like an old car, sometimes it’s really comfortable and you dream about how it can take you just about anywhere. 

And sometimes you can’t get it to start, and you just want to get in another…


Chris Cornell

I was on my way to the studio tonight when a good friend sent me a text. I though it was a hoax. I hoped it was... but it wasn't.

Chris Cornell and his music had an immense impact…


Last night

Spent last night in the studio, follow the One Proud Monkey Instagram account and you’ll get all the behind the scenes you can handle… probably… you’ll hear a few snippets of new songs there too 

Time flies in that…


The bands that paved the road

Peppernose Wash 

The F&$ks 

Clap Anyway 


Lemin Yellow Sun 

Boris & the Unit Breakers 

Double Allergic 




The Bends 


Breaking Jade 

Act 33 


Writing for the world 

Did you ever listen to Linkin Park? Do you still? I only ask because I've been watching the controversy unfold recently about them teaming up with so called "pop" songwriters to work on their new album. In the interviews the…


Studio flashback

I always wanted to write songs, I didn't know how or who I needed to help me but it always seemed like a cool thing to do. I was always flipping through liner notes looking for songwriting credits, reading lyrics…

The Olden Days

The band is in the studio at the moment and one of the songs we’re working on is called Olden Days. The song is inspired, well the title at least, by a conversation I had with a student when I…

You Can’t Stop Progress

One of the best surprises you can get in the studio is to open something you’ve been working on to find that not only is it more complete than you thought, but that it sounds better than you remember. 

Scratch Tracks

We put out a couple of songs in the last few months but tonight the time came to get to starting to get to the rest... Some great feedback from the past few gigs on a bunch of new songs…