Well Isn't That Exciting?

Oh man... always check your spam folder, that's what I have learned. If I didn't (as I was in the throes of deleting everything I could see) I wouldn't have come across an email from MusicNSW that read in part:

Hello Clinton, 

I am very happy to inform you that your grant application for the One Proud Monkey - regional NSW tour has been successful. Congratulations!

Honestly, to us this (almost) like winning the lottery and after 5 years of trying our guts out to spread the original music vibe it feels like the crest of a wave. It's always been an aim to have a regional original music circuit and maybe this can kickstart that.

So we've had suggestions and with 8 dates to fill there are some hard but exciting choices to be made.

We've thanked MusicNSW profusely and promised to spend their grant wisely but we also need to thank you, the people that listen to the songs, that read the posts, that come to the shows. Without someone to play for we'd never have even contemplated half of what we've done.

So we're going on tour! Tell your friends!

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