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"One Proud Monkey", the self-titled third release from the Dubbo band, sees the emergence of their guitar-rock roots. Delving in the personal and the political it's a huge step forward for the band, intent on making themselves known as a fiercely original regional act.

One Proud Monkey is: 
Clinton Hoy / Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Additional Programming & Arrangements
Tim Hosking / Bass 
Dallas Keenes / Guitars 
Dave Petty / Drums 

Produced by Dallas Keenes 
Mixed by Ryan Miller (Track 1), François Michaud (Track 2), Jack Nigro (Track 3), JARO (Tracks 4,5,6,7,8) and Scott Feringa (Track 7) 

Recorded by Dallas Keenes at Mioan Studios, Dubbo / Additional recording by Scott Feringa and Clinton Hoy 
Mastered by Pete Maher, Top Floor Studios, London 

Additional vocals on Frozen Bones by Haleigh Hing / Additional vocals on Magpie by Gabrielle Flanagan 

Graphic design by Clinton Hoy and Paul Andrews 

Ramble mixed by Jeff Kanan 

A Mix Tape (Volume 1)

One Proud Monkey

This "album" is not your traditional one. What you're going to get here are the ideas as they form, rough demos, live takes, songs we work our way through until we fashion the final versions. Things in the music business have changed, and we want to bring you closer than ever... and hope you enjoy the experience
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One Proud Monkey

One Proud Monkey

Mini album? Double EP? Who even knows anymore - what we're sure of is that we had a great time writing these songs and they're finally getting released... on the 5th anniversary of our first gig even! Stick the headphones on and hit play!
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The Second EP

One Proud Monkey

The Second EP (which is confusingly the first EP with the whole band) came together in a jam space above an office space, how inspired! With a little more experience under their belt the band set to push a few boundaries by experimenting with both heavier sounds and more conventional arrangements. Local TV theme song Rainy Day is the most performed song in the band's catalogue, they'll write something catchier one day though... maybe...
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Album lyrics for "One Proud Monkey" (all lyrics by Clinton Hoy)


I don’t really like 6 o'clock in the morning 

When words turn to fog in my mouth 

I’m looking out the window at the frost on the grass 

And I don’t really want to go out 

The floorboards creak 

And the house is cold 

But it’s nothing to do with us 

It’s not even winter like other places in the world 

But i guess that’s a plus 

Won't you lay down next to me and warm my frozen bones 


Half your week in the car in a traffic gridlock 

The other half at your desk scrolling further than you've walked 

Wondering why there's nothing better than this 

Your new favourite band is in town tonight 

But you're sitting on the lounge tucked in tight 

Hitting buttons bitching that there's nothing on 

You won't hear this on the radio 

They don't play our songs oh no 

But there's no room between commercials anyway 

So I'm gonna play another song 

Even if the football's on 

You're probably only here for the meat tray anyway 

Even if you're only here for the meat tray giveaway 

The carpet smells of a thousand spilled beers 

And i haven't changed my strings for a million years 

Even if there's only two people in the room 

Cables are tangled like a politicians lies 

And I can see your foot tapping and the life in your eyes 

Could it be we're gonna win you over soon 


Hey there captain that's a tidal wave you're sailing us into 

Maybe you didn't listen maybe you didn't think this through 

Those orders you shout they sound a lot like hyperbole 

But sailing with a blindfold just believing what you think you see 

If two crewman wanna love each other don't you think it should be so? 

You just cover your eyes and say no, no, no, no, no no! 

You're making me mad, man... 

Hey there captain surely you can feel the rising seas 

Shipmates in shadowed corners I think I can smell mutiny 

Hey there captain do you think you'll ever learn? 

Or just you keep on sailing until you fall off the edge of the earth 

If I show you the evidence that we're sinking our own boat 

You just block your ears and say no, no, no, no, no no! 

You're making me mad, man... 


Typewriter peppers the page like rain at the window 

Rage is my parents' alarm again 

And I'm writing down my favourite songs 

But I'm not making any friends 

Taping my favourite songs all night from the radio 

Gotta get the DJ's cadence right 

Flinching as the car deck swallows another compilation 

Tangled around the heads real tight 

Olden Days 

Recollected through the idealistic haze 

Tell me now do you remember the olden days 

Saved up my money bought a little 45 

Then I left it on the front seat in the sun 

Well it didn't play too good after that 

Gotta go back buy another one 

Walking around I got every song in the world right here in my pocket 

Now that my phone's not stuck to the wall 

Oh when you think about those days 

Do you miss the olden days at all 

Reading liner notes while the record plays 

Playing air guitar on an imaginary stage 


Wake up in the morning to the magpie calls 

Singing man what a beautiful dawn 

Can you hear him while you’re sleeping there 

Can you hear him wherever you’ve gone? 

I see the midday moon 

It's watching over you 

Sometimes I think about what’s outside the sky 

Try and imagine where we’re going to 

We used to play our games on these streets 

Past the vampire's house we walked 

This morning the shops are full but I don’t know the people 

It’s been too long since we talked 

I remember your eyes over the sea 

The night you spoke to me 

And I fell asleep that night 

Knowing everything would be alright 

The magpie said it'll be alright 

He's been watching over you 

All your life 

And with him by your side 

You can rest here on the hill 


You planted a little tree 

Planted here next to me 

I sat and watched it grow 

From my window 

Now that tree has a little bird 

Sitting on its limb 

And you're gonna keep her 

From the rain and the wind 

The tree grows fast and strong 

Just like we thought all along 

Maybe i'll get a tear in my eye 

As she leaves the branch and learns to fly 

But the tree will always stand 

A place for you to land 

When you need to spend some time at home... 


I hope you’re sweating in the dock 

Now that you’ve finally been caught 

Don’t turn your mind 

To last minute denial 

The paperwork you should’ve filed 

Has it all 

About the trust you have abused 

How when we thought you were there for us 

It’s clear you’re there for you 

And getting as much as you can 

For yourself and your clan 

Before you’re unmasked and we all learn the truth 

But on judgement day 

We give our power away 

And we wonder 

Why we yell and complain 

But end up with the same 

Losers pulling us under again 

You swear you didn’t know any better 

You wrote your declaration in a letter 

That’s not worth the paper you spilled gravy on 

How I wish you find that train was long gone 

As witnesses for the prosecution and you’re done 

You can’t even run 

You’re tied to those pork barrels 

And the baggage from your travels 

Repeating all your crimes 

The profligate is shut for good this time 


And in the future 

when all we have 

chips under our skin 

so we don't need the keys to get in 

And we all run around 

Like protons doing laps of the Hadron Collider 

We need to take a deep breath and walk around outside 

Slow down 

Get a song in your head and sing it out loud like there's no one around 

Apply brakes 

Remember when we stayed up all night singing songs that we liked from our mix tapes 

And in the future 

The car drives itself while we do work in the backseat 

Still you feel incomplete 

Now in the future 

When all we consume consists of zeros and ones 

Remember that going offline can be done