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  1. Western Sky


The black cockatoo it flies
Through the western skies
I watch it while I take the freshest breath
This is something that I need
I’m tired of the race
To the lowest common denominator
I’m ending my subscription
To alternative facts daily feed

I’m gonna go somewhere
To just stand in the water
Feel the sun on my skin
In my eyes
Under western skies

The big black crow it cries
Carries through the western skies
I wasn't ready for this
I didn't anticipate the test
There’s no choice here though
So we’ll get some rest
We’ll rise in the morning
And head for the green pools
Like the wind at the natural bridge that day
You still blow me away

You’re burning up
Heat’s coming off you like a radiator
But you keep me warm in June
I’ve only got six strings
and this average voice
But you keep my songs in tune